Shed in Haryana

  • Lohaar Engineering and Construction Pvt Ltd is Shed Manufacturer in Haryana. Industrial Construction is a very specialized, niche construction vertical that deals mostly with the construction of potency plants, victuals industries, oil and gas, pulp and paper, warehouses, mining and so other cogeneration industries.
  • Designing and constructing astronomically immense, minute and medium scale industries requires company to adopt congruous techniques, advanced technologies and best of the resources.
  • One of the most immensely colossal reasons why our industrial clients bank on us heavily because we offers substantial construction experience, competitive pricing, financial vigor, integrity, and a commitment to their project that is fortified by a substructure of quality and workplace safety.
  • More importantly, Lohaar has a consistent track record of coming through for first-time and reiterate clients, no matter the project size or intricacy. You can trust on Lohaar Civil Construction to be that contractor.
Applications of Shed

  • Textile Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Pulp and Paper industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Petroleum industry
Our Service Network
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