Warehouse in Rajasthan

  • Lohaar Engineering and Construction Pvt Ltd is Warehouse Manufacturer in Rajasthan. High vigor and ultimate durability due to its corrosion resistant properties.
  • Light in weight hence lighter substrata that will truncate the cost of construction.
  • Earthquake resistant buildings due to their light weight and ultimate tensile vigor.
  • Rich quality product due to its pre-design and fabrication.
  • These building are 100% recyclable and eco-convivial.
  • Aesthetically much better due to its controlled construction and utilization of modern materials.
  • Lower construction cost due to its light weight.
  • Ultimate solution for the extension and relocation purport due to its design and construction technology.
  • More importantly, Lohaar has a consistent track record of coming through for first-time and reiterate clients, no matter the project size or intricacy. You can trust on Lohaar Modern Steel Construction to be that contractor.

  • Rehabilitation camps and schools
  • Hotel and hostel buildings
  • Simple flats and Marketing offices
  • Residences and Bungalows
  • A cottage in farm house or a hilly area
  • Retail outlet and guard rooms
  • Office buildings and Mass housing
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