Building Construction in Delhi NCR

  • Lohaar Engineering and Construction Pvt Ltd is Building Construction Company in Delhi NCR. Building construction is the process of integrating structure to authentic property. The prodigious majority of building construction projects are residential, commercial, institutional, hospitals, hotels, recreational and scholastic.
  • While Lohaar is better kenned as a building construction company for more astronomically immense projects, such as mass housing, hospitality, hotels, convention centers, sports facilities and office towers, the organization withal excels at more minuscule unique projects, such as building renovations, instaurations, and designing.
  • From conception to completion, our entire team of estimators, designers, project managers and experienced executives make our clients’ needs a priority. We have experience in a wide variety of building construction projects and distribution methods, and use both time-proven practices and cutting-edge techniques to ascertain our customers’ projects meet their maximum potential.
  • More importantly, Lohaar has a consistent track record of coming through for first-time and reiterate clients, no matter the project size or intricacy. You can trust on Lohaar Civil Construction to be that contractor.

  • Office Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Retail Buildings
  • Hospitality Buildings
  • Multi-Purpose Buildings
  • Institutional Civic Buildings
  • Gathering Buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Recreational Buildings