When we think or talk about something or someone’s capability, we analyse their working quantity with the work quality and then we come out on result. How much capable that organization or person is ? In the same way Lohaar has been being called a competent organization in aspect of Design, Fabrication, Supply and Constructionof Industrial, Commercial and Public projects since 90’s. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals those all are backboned by the world class state of art of manufacturing facilities, Construction tools and equipment’s to get the admirable output in aspect of quality or time on huge quantities. Our services are turnkey basis we follow Design to Build concept for the execution and development of Businessmen, Industrialist’s, and Government’s projects by widely performing the Modern steel construction, Civil construction, and Composite construction activities.

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It’s been more than two decades since company have been serving to the nation with together executed so many projects for different industries which make us rich in experience even personally,we are well qualified having qualification in Management, Finance, Architecture, Structural engineering, and Production engineering and so on. This all make us capable in planning and designing of new projects.

Company plan funds and budgets according to the need of individual project to reach its goal in a specific time or company have an optimum financial capital of its own and backboned by the chain of healthy Investors, Vendors and Financers who provides the required supports on times.

Top 10 Industrial Architecture Designer Company in Rajasthan

Lohaar equipped with the teams of highly skilled professionals having years of experience in project planning and management. They manage and plan project activitiesby using PMI, PERT and CPM as per project need and completion time.

Top 10 Industrial Architecture Designer Company in Rajasthan

Lohaar are very proud to be certified by the international standard organization (ISO). We follow all the certification criteria and standards of these certificates in the execution of every project.

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Quality Management

We ken Quality is critical to satisfying our customers and retaining their loyalty so that they will continue to buy from us in the future. Quality products contribute significantly to long-term revenue and profitability, so to generate that revenue, we oversee all activities and tasks that must be completed to maintain a desired level of excellence by focusing on the tenacity of a quality policy.

Health and Safety Management

A good health and safety management system can help minimise risk and protect against accidents in the workplace. It is not acceptable for anyone to be hurt or fatally injured at company workplace. We Implement a health and safety system with competent experts, equipment’s that help to reduce accidents and boost morale.

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Environmental Management

Environmental Management system helps identify areas where efficiency can be improved, and savings made. Areas where tangible benefits and financial savings can be achieved are waste management, energy consumption, transportation, packaging, and materials use. Lohaar ensure always every project should meet environmental management system so that we can preserve resources for our future.

Lohaar has state of art of manufacturing facility which is well spread in IDEB industrial estate of Mahuakhera Ganj at Kashipur, Uttarakhand. The plant is spread in over 130000 Sq. Feet area having its 1300 MT/Month production capacity equipped with latest testing facilities, Hi-tech fabrication machinery & equipment’s as well as controlling staff and worker.

Lohaar also ensure that every civil construction done according to design and drawings following the Indian standard of construction. With together it our architects and engineers ensure the quality of work and safety at site. We deliver projects consuming less time, preserving cost and with good quality because of our skilled and experienced team who work with the latest construction machinery and equipment’s.

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Project completion is a difficult task. Many factors must be considered when attempting to manage or complete a project, no matter how large or small is it. There will be challenges, of course, but we have teams with years of experience in efficiently completing projects and the interesting thing is that they always committed to manage simple to complex projects by putting forth their best efforts at every stage of the project. They also strive to start the project as soon as possible and finish it on time without compromising quality of work and safety at site.