Employees, Associates and Vendors form the major astute and assuredness capital of Lohaar. Being an equal opportunity employer, ally and vendee. Lohaar Substructure inspirits leadership and innovation to train its workforce and keep them abreast with latest industrial trends. As the company looks to expand its business both at an international and domestic level, it aims to develop an adroit, cohesive workforce and non-breakable Supply and authoritatively mandate chain.The Company provides an open and dynamic work environment to all its employees, Associates and vendors.

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  • The management plays an imperative role in developing a cordial and rewarding relationship with its peoples. Detailed on-the-job training is provided to the employees in order to induct them to the working of the organization and different needful campaign additionally operated by the company for the profit of vendors. The company fixates on teamwork, innovation and the liberation to excel at all levels and rewards its employees, Associates and vendors with adscititious benefits.