CMD statement to CSR

Shaped by an organization’s level of maturity, compliance, efficiency and core business strategy, we are committed to integrated business values and operation to meet the prospects of the stakeholders. The company vigorously believes that the Devt. of the community is essential for harmony between the community and the industry. It endeavors to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by fortifying a wide range of socio-economic, inculcative and health initiatives. We are committed to consummating our economic, environmental and convivial responsibilities while conducting business. We will conserve natural resources, build gregarious equity and achieve sustainable magnification, through a culture of trust and caring, to accommodate all our stakeholders.

LOHAAR Foundation serve its communities by:

Contribution towards Environmental Sustainability

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Lohaar has been contributing for a decade towards environmental sustainability by promoting the use of sustainable materials and innovative construction technologies. Lohaar has changed the vision of industrialist in aspect of use of technology and materials by building theGreen and Sustainable buildings by using Steel, Fly Ash, Fiber Reinforce, straw, Gypsum and Bio composite and there is lots of materials those are participating in this contribution by being the hand of Lohaar.

Contribution towards eradicating Poverty

The World Social Summit identified poverty eradication as an ethical, social, political and economic imperative of mankind and called on responsible bodies to address the root causes of poverty, provide basic needs for all and ensure that the poor have access to productive resources including credit, education, food and shelter, So our MD’s Lohaar Foundation trying their utmost to full the needs of indigents peoples or groups as much as they can by providing them clothes, temporary shelters, Money and food according to the need of groups.

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Contribution towards fulfilling the hunger of food

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Hunger persists in our world because people cannot afford to buy food because they are denied access to the land, water and other resources or everybody can’t produce food for himself, reason are so many and we can’t do all right but Lohaar foundation doing more and more as much as they can, We are providing the row foods or groceries as well as readymade foods to the needy peoples or groups and our people are very happy, proud full by this initiative of Lohaar foundation.

Supporting educational sports activities

Sports education not only helps students in strengthening stamina but also inculcates the habit of obedience, discipline, determination to win, and will power. A rising number of schools have started realizing this fact and thus giving importance to sports activities for all-round Devt. of students. The growing awareness of how sports contribute to the growth of children in terms of life skills Lohaar foundation also encouraging the children to be the part of sports activities by contributing as convener of games leagues of sport students.

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Supporting and Encouraging Local Community Groups

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As we all aware about the condition of local communities, some are doing best for their future and some are wasting the time due to the lack of Knowledge and external support. In India there is so many communities divided as per their religion, cast and the culture but all are not well settled there is an example of community of Saifi’es it is also suffering from Education, Business, Employment, Health care and Poverty because most of the peoples don’t have resources to get good facilities in every need of life, So our Managing Directors started and joined first for the wellness in every aspect of life of Uttarakhandi Safi Community. He is listening and resolving the problems of peoples as the Uttarakhand Saifi Council State President and he is also doing best beyond the thinking with other communities and groups of their state.

Providing All Assistance to Different Charitable Campaign

As we all aware of this Covid – 19 Pandemic it comes again in India after one year, now the situations is out of control peoples are dying due to the lack of health care facilities because we don’t have sufficient hospitals, beds, and ventilators even due to the insufficient oxygen gas families are losing their beloved members and government is just watching rather than doing something, So to control this situation in their territory Lohaar foundation doing charity by providing the oxygen gas at the free of cost to the civilians as well as to the police administration with the hope of saving the most of lives as much as they can.

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The company’s priorities include:

    Apart from all the cultural and gregarious inspiritment, we priorities the salubrity and the quality of life. The accomplishments are done by following sundry design techniques, modern methodology, responsive practice and support personnel.

  • Well-designed buildings which enhance the caliber of life and wellbeing.
  • Construction of community spaces, includes landscaping, urban elements, utilities etc.
  • Sustainable procurement and Energy efficiency initiatives.
  • Minimizingwaste and waste Devt. methodology.
  • Internships and work experience programs.
  • Work-from-home plans, Flexible working, subsidized public transport, and other employee benefits.
  • Educational assistance, Medical coverage, Parental Support to its employees.
  • Career management, mentoring and training programs.
  • Paying the living wage to all employees.
  • Minimizing payment delays to vendors in the supply chain and workmanship.