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About The company

Lohaar Engineering and Construction Pvt. Ltd. is pioneer in India’s engineering and construction industry, having executed landmark projects that have defined the company as well as country’s progress since 1994. Maintaining our legacy of innovation in engineering and construction, we perpetuate to integrate incipient milestones with every passing year, building world-class infrastructure and engendering incipient opportunities for peoples form different sectors by majorly dealing with the Modern Steel Construction,Project orchestrating, Construction, Civil Construction,Composite Project Designing, Project management, Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental

Management. After consummating 18 years of prosperous vocation in Design and Development of sundry Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Public Projects, Lohaar has been kenned as a reliable Designer, Engineer, Manufacturer and Builder in the Design, Engineering and construction industry of India.

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  • The company was established in 1994 with the designation S.A. Engineering by its individual owner Mr. Hussain. As we understand, incorporation of a new project was highly challenging due to lack of innovative materials, technologies, and Construction Companies. Businessmen, Industrialists and Governments had to suffer at many stages of construction and execution of their projects, but all these challenges have been notifying by our founder since 1994 and other side with every passing S.A.E was getting outstanding prosperity in design, engineering, construction, fabrication and erection field of engineering and construction industry of India.
  • After the completion of more than 350 projects in different fields of Indian infrastructure. Finally in 2015 Mr. Hussain has decided to expand their businesses and foam a solution company then he discussed with his eldest son by expounding him how he wants to accommodate this business for the Development of Indian infrastructure, Generation of business, and increment in employment opportunities. Then his son who is a real Lohaar by his blood, cast and a mechanical or structural engineer with habituated his father’s business came up with the denomination “LOHAAR”.
  • So, in this stream Lohaar Engineering and Construction Pvt. Ltd. was founded in year 2015 having:
  • :- A different vision and mission
  • :- A team of experts in board of directors
  • :- A team of professional executive members
  • :- A team of highly experienced architects, engineers and consultants.
  • :- A team of adept contractors, fabricators and erectors
  • :- Unbreakable working capabilities along with State of art of fabrication facility and innovative construction tools and
Top 10 Steel Structure Maker Company in Rajasthan

We look the future of Indian buildings and infrastructure with steel because it is a versatile material having a huge composition of qualities for the building construction and infrastructure development and it is also the world most recyclable material that’s why we aims use it more than any other material so that we will be able to sustain natural resources for our next generation.

We also aim to be the not least employment generator we are integrated with the India’s biggest industry that is Construction industry which generate employment for everyone at somewhere in its stages so we would like to be the most employment generator of our field by continuing our services to the nation.

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We follow our founder’s statement “He had a dream to be the one solution for all the industry challenges”. He wanted to be served their services from the one platform so that smooth coordination could be maintain between the vendor and client or we are going and will be on the same way by following the Design to Build concept for the complete development of businessmen, Industrialist, and governments valuable projects.

To be a globally admired organization for continually innovate, develop, and adopt state of the art technologies, methodologies, and materials to deliver its projects and build a reputation of trust and reliability amongst our customers and society.

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Why Choose Lohaar

We do not get bothered by the complexity of projects whereas it may have many challenges because we are Lohaar, having rich practical experiences and qualification of critical tasks with steel and concrete. So, that experience and qualification give us potential to achieve every success milestone by building landmarks.

We practice sustainability to safeguard our environment and maintain the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, and trust in our relationship with clients, employees, and affiliates so that we can build a strong bond with our stakeholders.


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