Steel Building in Delhi NCR

  • Lohaar Engineering and Construction Pvt Ltd is Steel Building Manufacturer in Delhi NCR. It gives modern exteriors and spacious interiors to the buildings.
  • It gives more height and preserves cost in comparison to R.C.C structure.
  • It gives ultimate vigor to resist the seismic and wind loads as compared to R.C.C Structure.
  • It gives flexibility in members to suit the design needs.
  • It makes a great contribution in sustaining the natural material and resources.
  • It takes 50 % less time in completion than the R.C.C construction.
  • Because of machine controlled fabrication it gives us premium quality results.
  • It is durable and 100% recyclable than the R.C.C construction materials.
  • More importantly, Lohaar has a consistent track record of coming through for first-time and reiterate clients, no matter the project size or intricacy. You can trust on Lohaar Modern Steel Construction to be that contractor.
Applications of Steel Building

  • Business towers
  • I.T parks
  • Mixed used tower
  • Low cost housing
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Malls